#ZNAPD Would like to bring to your attention this opportunity from #ZFE published by #Daily_Mail Newspaper to all Persons with Disabilities who are qualified in any field of study, to Submit their CVs for consideration for an internship program which will be running for 4 months, with the deadline of submission set to the 29th of July 2022. Details on how to submit are in the extract from the Newspaper Below

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The Zambia National Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities (ZNAPD) have been working with various cooperating partners e.g. Defeating Blindness Zambia (DBIZ) and other stakeholders to provide assistive devices to its members.

On Monday, 11 th April, 2022, ZNAPD received visitor from (DBIZ) in conjunction with Grosscare Zambia Limited to demonstrate on some assistive device in hopes of incorporating efforts in improving teaching standards of Zambian learning institutions and foster inclusion of learners with disabilities, some of the items presented were braille materials: hand-frames, braille paper, assistive technologies for the blind, assistive devices for other disabilities and so on.

It is unfortunate that most learner with disability are at a disadvantage in Zambian institutions as a luck of these assistive technologies has made it difficult if not impossible for them to receive the same quality of education provided to non disabled student, therefore ZNAPD and DBIZ in conjunction with Grosscare Zambia Limited saw the need to fight for the improvement of the education standards for learners with disabilities to help them get the same quality of education provided to non disabled students to enable them to function and perform in various fields of work after they graduate on level ground with others.

ZNAPD, DBIZ and Grosscare Zambia Limited would like to call upon other stakeholders and corperating partner in and outside the disability movement to stand with us and eliminate this injustice to our learners who deserve the same chance of learning and building their careers like anyone else with the dignity of their privacy.

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The Zambia National Association of Persons with Disabilities (ZNAPD), held a training in disability advocacy for its staff, members of the board and provincial secretaries in Chongwe district of Lusaka province from April 18, 2022 to April 19, 2022.

The training was conducted to equip the participants with necessary skills for effective Disability advocacy work with various stakeholders in different areas of society.

Disability advocacy is an important issue in the disability movement as it helps give people with complex disabilities a voice and a platform to advocate for their rights.

Advocacy provides assistance and support to ensure that:

  • Rights of persons with disabilities are upheld;

  • People with a disability have their voice heard;

  • Any needs and viewpoints are presented to government, service providers and the broader community; and

  • Changing of policies and practices to promote fair treatment and social justice for people with a disability.

As society needs to understand issues that affect the lives and welfare of persons with disabilities as they are part of the general society like anyone else.

The organization needs to bring out issues that affect persons with disabilities such as:

· The Right to Health.

· The Right to Education.

· The Right to Employment.

· The Right to Shelter.

· The Right to Legal Protection, including their basic needs in life.

The training was conducted to impart skills to enable persons with disabilities be their own advocates and undertake the following;

· Ability to communicate with duty bearers to support the membership in various areas of human needs.

· Understanding the full context of laws, legal instruments and jurisdiction on disability rights.

· Understanding processes within oversight and complaints handling books.

· Applying a Human Rights Approach to advocacy

· Having negotiation skills.

· Lobbying and running effective campaigns.

Ten (10) members comprising of nine (9) males and one (1) female attended the training.

Some of the activities that were done by the participant involved:

- Role plays, depicting some situations in which advocacy is needed.

- Group assignments etc.

Which helped the participants to gain practical insight into how advocacy is done in real/practical situations in society.

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