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Capacity Building

This is to ensure organizational sustainability through building strong structures and systems, imparting various life skills on our members and diversifying our funding base.

Different methods are used to achieve the objectives of capacity building such as:

 - Exposing our Financial Reports and Assets to annual audit

 - Reviewing our internal policies 

 - Improving our communication methods with key stakeholders

 - Organizing training workshops for our members

 - Organizing cross learning for our members through exchange visits.


      The capacity building and economic empowerment seeks to impart various skills on the members of the organization so that they do have life skills for economic involvement or social skills for self-empowerment. 

The members are trained formally and informally on 
•    Leadership and management
•    How organizations work and sustained
•    Traits of a good leader
•    How to hold the leadership to account
• Train women on advocacy methods, tools and strategies of engaging the local community, local leadership, political dispensations as well as NGOs operating in their areas.
•  Empower members with skills on project management for running income generation projects


 Member Mobilization and Recruitment

      The program aims at building the organization from grassroots levels as it forms structures up to national level. Persons with disabilities are reached through visits by development teams and supported to form groups and continue to recruit members into the structures/groups of the organization.  The groups are then trained on various issues including the philosophical foundations of the Disability Movement; Self-representation, Dignity, Equality and Participation.

Through this program, persons with disabilities are also educated on: 
•    Understanding the politics of disability
•    What is the ideology that underpins the disability movement
•    What drives activism in the disability movement
•    Understanding the national and regional structures of the disability movement
•    Understanding our society and how to hold them accountable 
The recruitment, mobilization and education of members on various issues is to ensure a broader engagement with the society so as to influence change in attitudes, level of awareness, development of mainstream inclusive programs,


and the improvement and implementation of policies that address the rights and needs of persons with disabilities

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